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Needless to say, sushi is definitely one of the representative dishes of Japanese food. In fact, sushi comes in different forms and taste, so take your time to try various types of sushi.



"Nigiri"(literally meaning "grip") might be the typical type you imagine when talking about sushi. A small amount of rice is gently shaped by hand and topped with seafood.

[MBF] Asahizushi Souhonten
Take Nigiri: 1,404 yen

Includes 10 pieces: tuna~2 pieces, amberjack, squid, tuna sushi roll, egg, shrimp, scallop, salmon roe, conger eel
*Please note that sushi menu is subject to change without notice.

[MBF] Asahizushi Souhonten
Jyo Nigiri: 1,728 yen

Includes 10 pieces: medium fatty tuna~2 pieces, amberjack, salmon roe, sea urchin, conger eel, shrimp, scallop, sea bream, horse mackerel
*Please note that sushi menu is subject to change without notice.

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Chirashizushi literally means "scattered sushi", combining the Japanese words "chirashi"(scattered) and "zushi"(sushi). Colorful toppings like seafood, egg, shiitake mushrooms, etc. are placed over sushi rice (slightly sweet vinegar rice). Japanese usually eat chirashizushi on special occasions and family gatherings.

[MBF] Asahizushi Souhonten
Yamabuki Chirashi: 540 yen

A perfect size for single-serving. Various seafood including tuna, ikura (salmon roe), shrimp, white fish, etc. are topped.

[MBF] Kanda Myojinshita Miyabi
Gomoku Chirashi: 626 yen

Wrapped inside a bright brilliant box is chirashizushi with coloful toppings like shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, etc.

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Inarizushi is a popular food often found in bento (Japanese lunch box) or comes as a side dish to meals like udon noodles. Sushi rice (sweet vinegar rice) is filled inside a thin, sweet pouch made from fried tofu skin. Sushi rice is sometimes mixed with different ingredients.

[MBF] Koichian
Inari Nozawana Wasabi: 476 yen
(4 pieces)
Sushi rice is mixed with wasabi flavored, pickled turnip greens. Enjoy the slight spiciness and sweetness fill inside your mouth!

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Kakinohazushi is "persimmon leaf sushi", a local gourmet of Nara Prefecture. Because Nara has no ocean nearby, wrapping sushi inside persimmon leaf and letting it age was the way to preserve seafood back in the old days. Kakinohazushi uses fishes like salmon and mackerel.

[MBF] Kakinohasushihonpo Tanaka
Kakinoha Sushi: 1,178 yen
(7 pieces)
Kakinohazushi with 3 different toppings: mackerel, salmon, and sea bream. Each sushi is wrapped individually with persimmon leaf, so no need of chopsticks! Share with friends and enjoy the slight difference in taste of each fish.

*All prices include tax.
*As of SEPT 2019.

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