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Here are some popular Japanese savories that must not be missed during your stay in Japan.
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Simple & delicious! Thick pork slices are breaded and deep fried, creating a crunchy texture while still keeping the pork juicy and tender. Standard tonkatsu usually use fillet or loin, but sometimes come in different pork parts or presentation.

[MBF] Tonkatsu Saboten
Special Fillet Katsu: 600 yen

Tonkatsu using the middle part of fillet, which is considered to be especially soft.

Fillet Katsu Sandwich: 843 yen
(6 pieces)
If you want a quick grab, here is another way to enjoy tonkatsu. Delicious sandwiches with a great balance of fillet tonkatsu, bread, and sauce.

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Tempura uses vegetables and seafood like shrimp and conger eel. The ingredients are deep fried after being coated by a light batter made from flour. Enjoy tempura by itself, or top it on soba noodles or rice.

[MBF] Tsunahachi
@Eggplant: 152 yen
AShrimp: 346 yen
BSweet Potato: 152 yen
CSeafood Kakiage: 562 yen

Tempura fried using Tsunahachi's original oil. Choose your favorite from a variety of ingredients!

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Yakitori is grilled chicken skewer consisting of bite-size, chicken pieces. Each skewer uses different parts of chicken and sometimes combined with vegetables like green onion and garlic. Flavored with either sweet yakitori sauce (soy sauce based) or light salt.

[MBF] Azabu Asahi
@Chicken Thigh & Green Onion: 184 yen
ATsukune (chicken meat ball): 162 yen
BChicken Thigh (salt): 184 yen

*Prices are for 1 skewer.

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Japanese style fried chicken which is a popular Japanese home dish and often used in bento (Japanese lunch box). Crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside, with a slight soy sauce flavor.

[MBF] Azabu Asahi
Soy Sauce Karaage: 324 yen
(per 100g)
How about picking up a few pieces of karaage for a late night snack?? Deep soy sauce taste with a hint of ginger will fill inside your mouth.

[MBF] Tsukada Nojo
Juvenile Chicken Nanban Bento: 861 yen

A filling bento with chicken nanban-fried chicken dish dipped in sweet & sour sauce. Enjoy it with special tartar sauce (mayonnaise based sauce) made from premium eggs.

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Gilled unagi (eel) is a relatively expensive dish but still one of the not-to-be missed Japanese cuisine. Prepared with kabayaki sauce (sweet and soy sauce based) and usually served on top of rice. During the summer, Japanese eat grilled eel to obtain energy to strive through the hot, humid weather.

[MBF] Aji no Hamato
Packed Grilled Unagi: 3,996 yen
Grilled Japanese unagi in a package that can be prepared easily using a microwave.

[MBF] Tenoji
Unagi Bento: 2,592 yen

To deliver a delicious unagi bento, Tenoji uses unagi from various regions depending on the season.

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It's no exaggeration to say that onigiri is Japanese soul food. These rice balls are filled with various ingredients like seafood, pickled plum, and sometimes even tempura! It's worth trying different flavors and look for your favorite!

[MBF] Fuku Fuku Musubi
Each onigiri using carefully selected rice is hand made everyday inside in-store kitchen. Choose your favorite flavor from a wide lineup.

Mentaiko: 227 yen
(Spicy Seasoned Cod Roe)

Tunamayo: 184 yen
(Tuna & Mayonnaise)

Salmon: 216 yen

*All prices include tax.
*As of SEPT 2019.

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